Program & Activate TPMS Sensors with your smartphone 

We are pleased to announce our new TPMS Express App, where the user a long with our soon to be released TX-PT004 can program and activate TPMS sensors with their phone. 

All the user needs to do is find TPMS Express app on the App store (IOS) or the Play store (Android), download and then sync with your TPMS sensors to program, activate and do the relearn prodcedure. 

Our new TX-PT004 mini TPMS programmer will be available to be supplied with any bulk order of TPMS. This handy little device has built in Bluetooth to connect and relay information with your phone. Then converting that signal to Radio frquency so that it can then communicate with your TPMS sensor. 

No longer will you be required to purchase industrial prosumer TPMS programmers to program / activate your TPMS sensors. 

Email to find out more 

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