New tyre changing tool can, slashes changing time by up to 55%

A new tyre changing tool is available from Mobiletrons licensed brand AC Delco


AC Delco is a licensed brand of Mobiletrons. The world renowned manufacturer of power tools are delighted to be launching a new, exclusive and innovative tool, designed specifically to aid tyre fitters reduce changing times by up to 55% whilst maintaining safety standards.

The 18v ½” drive battery powered Impact Wrench allows technicians to increase the speed of their operation by using the tool to take wheels off quickly and be safe in the knowledge that nuts can never be overtightened when fitting tyres.

The tool has up to 800Nm of reverse torque to remove wheels quickly whilst the forward torque is set at 70Nm to ensure the tyre will always be below the manufacturers guidelines, no matter which vehicle is being worked on. The Torque Master has a powerful brushless motor to increase reliability and give better control.

Business Development Manager Michael Gater said “There is an issue with garages over-tightening wheel nuts & studs. This can be just as bad as under-tightening as it can have an impact on the integrity of the thread potentially making the wheel become loose. Large tyre fitting chains current avoid the issue by banning air or battery tools to ensure that there is no risk of overtightening. Torque Master gives peace of mind that nuts will never be tightened to more than 70Nm whilst having the advantage of being able to remove wheels very quickly. Once the wheels have been replaced the technician manually applies the correct torque as per manufacturer’s guidelines.”

Torque Master is patented technology and unique to AC Delco. Other tool manufacturers offer Impact Wrenches with variable torque settings however there is still a possibility of human error by selecting the incorrect torque setting whereas the Torque Master only has one torque setting so all risk is removed.


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